Rough and Tumble Designs for Everyday Use

Rough and Tumble Designs for Everyday Use

Lake District Design offers handcrafted Adirondack style knobs, pulls, handles as well as utensils and keepsake gifts. Wm. Thomas Smith is the designer and craftsman behind Lake District Design.  After a career in architecture and design he purchased an historic log cabin and soon after Lake District Design was born.

Smith creates everyday functional tools in a primitive rustic style that compliments a modern or transitional setting.  Drawing from the simplicity of organic forms, Smith interprets natural materials in an way that brings the beauty of nature into our everyday lives. 

Q: Tell us about how you got started with your company?  

As a former Architect, Architectural Interiors Designer, Carpenter, and Product Developer it was as natural transition for this stage of my life.  All of my twig work is of Sassafras wood (magic tree) Sassafras was once believed to be capable of warding off Evil Spirits ( just right for crafting heirloom and keepsake gifts ). Today, Sassafras uses range from furniture to fragrances to Root Beer.

Q: What inspired you to start making your products?

After moving into an Historic Log Cabin, built circa 1940, I became interested in Rustic Log Construction and Twig Home Furnishings.

Q: Explain your business in five words or less.

Rustic Home Accessories

Q: What is your favorite thing about living in New Jersey?

My home which is in a community of 300+ Historic Log Homes.(Medford Lakes Historic District). 

Q. What's next for Lake District Design? 

I’ve started to design/develop some product ideas, such as Side & Coffee Tables and Pet Oriented products

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