Harry is a sad guy. Bad life, no friends. Then he finds out he can speak to snakes and levitate stuff. He gets super confused, but it's cool. Some hairy ragged dude named Hagrid shows up.

Chapter one: The Catalog

Harry Potter received his invitation to Hogwarts. He was super excited. Can't wait to get in. Woohoo!

Chapter Two: The pop-up shop

He gets there, now he's all upset. Tough days. Falls in love with Cho Chang.

Chapter three: The storefront

Now he's moved onto Ginny. He killed the basilisk and is really excited about taking on Vodlemo--- I mean, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Chapter four: The truck

Harry gets really good at magic. So do his two best friends - Ron and Hermione. They take on the bad dude and win. All ends happily.