Organic Skin Salve, 1.5oz Tin

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The salves are made with care and love from locally grown herbs and other sustainably sourced ingredients.  They smell like chocolate due to the cocoa butter, and do not contain any essential oils especially for people who are sensitive to smells.  All made with organic herb-infused olive oil.
All Purpose Salve-soothes dry, bruised and scraped skin. Includes calendula, yarrow, and comfrey.
Weekend Warrior-soothes muscles aches and pain. Includes St. John's wort, dandelion, goldenrod and arnica.
Pounding Head and Tension-soothes head and tension aches. Includes lemon balm, chamomile, feverfew, lavender, and peppermint,
Outdoor Ouchies-soothes bug bites, poison ivy, and other outdoor discomforts. Includes jewelweed, plantain, beeswax, cocoa butter

The Naked Botanical,  Mendham