Two Centuries of History on Long Beach Island

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This, the third and final book in the late John Bailey Lloyd’s Long Beach Island pictorial history series, is the long-awaited companion book to Six Miles at Sea and Eighteen Miles of History. The Island’s “beloved historian” left us a legacy of stories and information about these shores, and in Two Centuries we discover more fascinating history about Island names, architecture, shipwrecks, storms, and the mainland.

Just a few of the chapters include; the Lucy Evelyn at Christmas, Township Lifeguarding, Fishing, Barnegat City - Fever at the Oceanic; the Signal House, San Souci, Beach Haven Cottages - Parry House and Coral Street, Curlew Cottage, the Shakespeare Cottages, Onion Domes; Beach Haven Merchants - the Engleside Baby Dairy; Purkey's Pond, Tucker's Light, the Tuckerton Wireless, Pinelands Plains, Cear Bogs and the story of the "Hawkin Bear".

Hardcover, 11x9, 191 pages.

Down the Shore Publishing