Jalma Farms Beach Plum Jam, 9oz. Jar

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The Beach Plum is a native fruit that grows along the coastal communities from Maine to Virginia.  Although sometimes mistakenly called berries, the Beach Plum is an actual plum with a pit or stone.  It has a sweet tart flavor, can be eaten as fresh fruit or made into a food product such as jam, jelly or syrup.  

Recent studies done by Rutgers University found that the Beach Plum is as high in antioxidants as the Cranberry.  It was also determined that the Beach Plum possesses antibacterial antigens, the same property in Cranberries that fights infection.

Jalma Farms uses the Beach Plum to produce delicious jams and syrup. Jalma Beach Plum Jam and Syrup are low in sugar and high in quality. Jalma Farms is also actively committed to helping restore the Beach Plum to the Barrier Islands of the Jersey Shore, as a way to battle beach erosion and the effects of rising sea levels.

Ocean View, NJ